Greetings from New York!


{A Walk in the Park}

I arrived in New York last night. I’m in town for a business meeting that will take place later today. As I headed here, I dreaded the forecast a bit—rainy and cold is never fun, but then I reminded myself that I was headed to one of the most amazing and magical cities in the world to take part in a meeting that could be one of the highlights of my current job. I’ll only be here briefly—maybe a total of 48 hours, but I am hoping to gather some inspiration and see a few of the things New York is famous for during the holidays and hopefully meet up with a friend for dinner. I’ll report back soon! In the meantime, enjoy these gorgeous images of New York by Eye Poetry Photography.

Upper West Side NYC Art, New York Photo, Urban Home Decor, Beige, Neutral Colors - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

{Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous}

Manhattan - NYC Skyline at Twilight, Mad Men, New York Photograph, Empire State Building, Father's Day, Dad, For Him


NYC Photography, Art Print, Manhattan Skyline, Wall Art, Black and Gold, Chrysler Building, Night, Lights - City of Glass

{City of Glass}

So Soho (1) - NYC Photography, Ornate and elegant architecture in Manhattan, Columns, Grey, Winter White

{So Soho No. 1}

{Images by Eye Poetry Photography}

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