Hello! This is Hanna Seabrook from GADABOUT Creative and I was so thrilled when Paloma asked me to be in her "My Favorite Room" series!

My husband and I have been renting this old house in downtown Charleston for 8 months while he finishes medical school. When we moved in we knew we would only be here for a little while, but still, we wanted to make it look as finished as possible. Since the beginning, my favorite room of the house has been our living room. The floor space allows for easy entertaining, the windows are large and open to the porch, and the architectural elements are so beyond our age we feel lucky to look at them. Our goals for decorating this room were to work with what we had and make sensible (and hopefully stylish) purchases for everything else. Because we are 25, we tried to pick pieces that were traditional enough that we wouldn’t tire of them and added low budget personal touches with coffee table books, $2-20 antique shop finds, and old family photos. We also lucked out that we are recently married and received some wonderful wedding gifts from our family and friends. When we are "finished" decorating this room (though I truly believe you are never really finished decorating) I hope it feels welcoming, relaxed and not over-worked. Here is a 360 degree view of our living room that I took with my iPhone this weekend (excluding the not so cute television). I really hope you enjoy it!


Thank you again Paloma for giving me an excuse to buy fresh flowers! So sorry that the photos were only iPhone quality!

Credits: Mantle Painting by Sally King Benedict // Furniture by Century Furniture and West Elm

Rugs from Homegoods and // Lighting from Circa Lighting, Worlds Away and

Ralph Lauren // Accessories from Wisteria, RL Home, Dwell Studio and local antique shops

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  1. The bones of this room are incredible. I love your classic style with modern touches! You’re shelves are especially well done! Thanks for sharing!

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