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Hi everyone! This is Brooke from Velvet & Linen and Giannetti Home.  I am so thrilled to be here at La Dolce Vita! Thank you, Paloma for inviting me to be a part your  "My Favorite Room"  series. My favorite room at the moment is our Master Bathroom in our Channel Islands Harbor weekend home.

This gorgeous bathroom at Chateau de Moissac was one of the European bathrooms that inspired me to  turn our Master Bathroom ….

image source

from this…



to this.


I noticed that most of the European bathrooms that I loved were built using simple neutral materials such as limestone and plaster. Rarely did I see ornate mosaics or intricate tile work. Most likely these rooms were designed this way because they once had other uses, but whatever the reason, the result was a calm, serene atmosphere.

To create the same soothing feeling in our bathroom, I also chose simple, neutral materials. For example, in the shower I selected  pale limestone slabs on the walls, aged limestone on the floor, and clean sheets of glass.


Like the pieces in my favorite European bathrooms, special antiques became the focal points in the room.



My pewter tub is the other "Queen" in the room, demanding attention. 

Lighting was kept simple as well: a couple of sconces on the wall, a Circa Lighting "Petite Paris Flea Market Chandelier" in the center and two vintage pendants above the sinks.


Similar to the pieces in European bathroom, most of the furniture and fixtures in my bathroom aren’t built in. This allows my bathroom to be easily altered. For example, recently when we decided to live in our weekend house full time, we realized that we needed more storage. Because our tub was free standing, we  simply removed the tub and replaced it with this French cabinet. My bathroom design holds up even without my tub. IMG_2204

You might be wondering what happened to my tub.  It is in storage, waiting to be placed in our bathroom at the new home we are building, Patina Farm.

Who knows? I may have a new Favorite Room soon!


I hope you enjoyed My Favorite Room!

Thank you again, Paloma for letting me share "My Favorite Room" with your readers.




22 thoughts on “My Favorite Room: Brooke Giannetti

  1. So beautiful! I haven’t ever seen all of these pictures…Brooke has to be my go-to every time for inspiration. Her taste is phenomenal!

    Reve Decor

  2. No matter what your personal style preferences are, you can not deny how beautiful this reno is! I always feel like I’m taking a vacation when I see Brooke’s work and your home should feel like a little of that right- a respite from the all the chaos that might lay outside the front door.

    The Patina Farm plans… that is the stuff dreams are made of!

  3. Hi Paloma!

    Serene and perfect Brooke. I love everything but especially the fine and elegant light fixtures, that make it even more dreamy!
    And that tub!!!

    Well done. xo Terri

  4. So glad you’re taking that gorgeous tub with you to Patina Farm! I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t bring my Lacanche from Houston to Franklin! It sounded so silly at the time, but I miss it everyday!

    P.S. Your bathroom is one of my favorite rooms, too!

  5. Brooke, Bathrooms are my favorite rooms to design and yours is done impeccably. It is serene, warm and inviting. It feels more like a room to lounge in than most bathrooms. Every single element you have chosen marries well together. A lovely room to visit daily! Kathysue

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