My Favorite Room: Jamie Meares

Today, the fabulous Jamie Meares of I Suwannee and Furbish fame is sharing her favorite nook with us. Enjoy this little dose of Jamie’s style!


my favorite room is actually more of a ‘spot’ – it’s this little space under our staircase that i carved out for my desk. for years i went back and forth over what to do with this funky little spot, and one day i had a lightbulb moment, and scooted my parson desk over, and voila! it was just what the space needed – it’s a cozy little nook for all of my kooky finds, pretty books, mail, sketchbooks, plants and magazines. it also gives a ton of character to our attached living room – now we have something to look at instead of an empty corner! i’ll turn the monkey lamp on at night, and the space makes the whole room feel warm and lived in. i love it!

12 thoughts on “My Favorite Room: Jamie Meares

  1. Love Jamie’s nook! It’s clearly such a personal space with all of the books and things she loves. And- I love that it’s obviously a space she uses all the time. These are the types of spaces I really like to see. Great series Paloma!

  2. How funny, I was just watching design stars this weekend and they did just this – turning a dead space into a little work area.
    I love the needlepoint pillow and all the colours in this area. I`d like to see a close up of the monkey lamp you mention thought, is it in the shape of a monkey? This I have to see…it must be so cute.


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