My Favorite Room: Fabulous K

Hello LDV readers, Kelly from Fabulous K here today, sharing one of my favorite rooms: my office.  Being a graphic designer + blogger, I spend more time in here than in any other room, hands down.  I think it’s my favorite because it’s a collection of things that I love and that inspire me, which helps to nurture the creative process.
My office is all about function.  I have to be organized, otherwise my brain shuts down.  The walls are a lovely pale gray that changes throughout the day.  It’s the perfect base for the stark white furniture and accents, which I warm up with touches of gold, brass, and my signature pop of color here and there.

The small gallery wall above my desk is an affordable mix of prints, photographs and wrapping paper-turned-art. Having everything in white frames keeps it feeling coordinated.

Since I spend so much time working, it’s nice having a comfy-cozy couch in my office to curl up on with my laptop. Some mornings I’ll start my day with a cup of coffee and my laptop; especially if I was at my desk working late the night before.

There are lots of little personalized touches in my office: books that inspire me, a homage to my favorite city (NYC), snapshots of sweet friends.  It’s these little details that I adore being surrounded by.

All in all, this is a room that feeds my creativity and for that reason, it’s my favorite.  I hope you enjoyed this little tour of one of my favorite spaces; thanks for having me, Paloma! xx

22 thoughts on “My Favorite Room: Fabulous K

  1. Love taking a sneak peek at the “real life” settings of bloggers. Love Fab K and you can definitely see her design aesthetic present in her surroundings. Gorgeous!
    XO – Marion

  2. Fabulous K’s office is too much! Too much loveliness, i tell you! Man oh Man. Love the prints on the wall, the pops of color, the cozy couch, all of it.

  3. Kelly has such amazing style. I just loved seeing her amazing office. One day, I hope mine will look half this good! That may be pushing it though. xoxo

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  4. What an AMAZING work space, Kelly! That’s how I picture my “ideal” office to look (I would definitely hire you to do some styling for me if I were living in Dallas) wow, that’s impressive! Just fabulous!

  5. I love all the small personal details that really make this space her own. If I had my own home office, it would want it to look just like this.

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