Ready for Fall

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{Love this Look: Leather Leggings, A Simple Grey Tee, Classic Trench, and A Fabulous Orange Bag}

After dealing with the Houston heat all summer and spending last week in equally humid New York, I am more than ready for Fall. I love layered looks, riding boots, fab coats, and cozy sweaters. Sadly, given the Houston climate, I probably won’t be able to fully break out my fall wardrobe until mid to late November, but in the meantime, I am dreaming of these chic looks.

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{I love this chic, edgy look, especially the striped tee paired with the motorcycle jacket.}

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{I love the idea of pairing a flowy dress with a leather jacket. Rachel Zoe can do no wrong!}

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{I love this gorgeous coat on Miranda Kerr. She keeps the rest of the look minimal and polished.}

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{I could probably live in this cozy look Rachel Zoe is sporting as she totes her precious son, Skyler through Los Angeles. The look is easy and cozy, but looks completely put together.}

Which of these looks most suits your style?

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9 thoughts on “Ready for Fall

  1. I am SO ready for fall! I just am not a summer person! All I do is stay inside and do all of my dirty work so that I can enjoy the cool weather later!! Love this images.

  2. Love all these looks! I can’t wait to start wearing my long tunics, leggings and boots! Especially since I got sunburned this weekend the sun and I are not on the best terms haha

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