Closet Confidential: Leather for Fall ’12

Hi there LDV readers! It’s Liz again with another installment of Closet Confidential and today I want to talk about leather. I use to think that leather wasn’t for me, specifically because I connected it with leather pants which would highlight my legs that I have to say are not my bestest friends. However, these days leather is popping up in chic tops, edgy outerwear, sleek shoes and stylish accessories. You better believe that fall is going to see lots of leather accents so below are a few options for achieving this look…

How do you feel about leather fashion? Will you be dabbling in this trend?
Until next time! Have a stylish week. 
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10 thoughts on “Closet Confidential: Leather for Fall ’12

  1. I just ordered some leather leggings from Asos. it is very possible they will make my legs look like sausage casings…good thing asos has free returns. but i’m HOPING with a long slouchy sweater and booties they will look acceptable!

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