My Favorite Room: Crystal Gentilello

Hi LDV readers, it’s Crystal from Rue magazine and I’m thrilled to be here today! When Paloma graciously asked me to share my favorite room with all of you, I couldn’t have been more excited! I had a lot of fun decorating my San Francisco home and it’s always fun to see what others think. Though I love every room for it’s own unique reason, my living room has a special spot in my heart. In my previous home I went all white, which I loved, but wanted to try something totally different with my new place. From the start I knew I wanted to experiment with moody and dramatic walls so I went with Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe and couldn’t be more happy with the result. As a foil to the dark walls, I opted for soft grays, light woods, and lots of plush texture to soften the space. It feels warm and inviting yet still makes a bold impression. What I learned from decorating my living room is to get things out of your system. Though I’ll probably always love light colors and neutrals best, I had a blast challenging myself to try something totally new for me. Have fun with your choices, don’t take it too seriously, and remember that at the end of the day, a space is a living breathing thing and always evolving.

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Room: Crystal Gentilello

  1. I am enjoying the ‘favorite room’ series, and love this room – such a peaceful and soothing palette. I have a gray room in my house – the library – and I love to retreat there in the evenings.

    – Holly

  2. You really do always have the best rooms! I don’t know if it’s because they seem mature, or because I want to crawl into them with my latest book/magazine, but I love your selections. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous and very me! I definitely go back and forth between wanting the moody drama, and the light bright whites. Our current home doesn’t have the architectural elements for the latter, so the former it is!
    Love her mirror and floor lamp! Beautiful mix.

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