Design Under the Influence: The Peacock Chair

Brigitte Bardot
Hello it’s Erika from small shop, with another “Design Under the Influence” — topic: the peacock chair. Growing up in the 70’s in Hawaii, I suppose it was only natural that my parents should own a rattan peacock chair — I didn’t think much of it! Nowadays, they definitely represent a Bohemian Chic vibe a la Brigitte Bardot or Stevie Nicks (and I am totally digging that).
Although popular in the 1970’s, the peacock chair arrived in the U.S. and England in the 19th-century with the introduction of rattan from China. Importers were bringing back these fanciful pieces as novelty items initially, but (I thought it was really interesting) a young American named Cyrus Wakefield found scraps of rattan used to tie cargo onto ships and wrapped a rocking chair with it…and so began the wicker industry. In 1855 he started a rattan company, later becoming one of the prime producers of wicker furniture in the U.S..
Today peacock chairs have made a comeback, and I especially love all of the brightly colored adaptations! They’re not hard to find, and you could spray paint your own with some time and effort. What do you think, would you use a peacock chair in your home or on your patio?
Are you feeling it too?

17 thoughts on “Design Under the Influence: The Peacock Chair

  1. YES! I have that blanket that Jamie Meares has! It’s my favorite! I think I need one of these chairs for it to sit on!!! Love the idea of mixing it with the modern Panton chair!! Great post Erika! xoxo

  2. I totally remember my grandmother having a peacock chairs for many years! She has since moved and sold all of her stuff and I’m so upset that I didn’t grab this from her!

  3. I guess I’ll be the lone voice of dissent? I usually like a good throwback piece, but can”t get this one. Maybe there’s an age gap? To some, these things were in the rooms of cool, older sisters and to me, it’s the uncomfortable chair that was in my friend’s rooms?

  4. I am glad I found a vintage website. I have two of these chairs and a sofa and side table. I was considering selling for $25 – $30. each and then I saw the chairs in retro furniture at $2200.00 I am keeping everything and will decorate around them.

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