Closet Confidential: Sunglasses

Hello LDV readers, it’s Liz again with another installment of Closet Confidential! Today I want to talk about one of the most understated accessories; sunglasses.
There is something about a chic pair of sunnies that instantly polishes off an outfit and adds a dash of glam to whatever you’re wearing. Summer shades are no exception with the selection of classic and statement options out there and I love how effortlessly styled that can make even a basic tank top and jeans appear. Here are a few of my favorite options for sunny summer days…
What is your go-to for summer sunglasses? Do you prefer color or do you stick to the classics?
Until next time my friends! Have a stylish week.

5 thoughts on “Closet Confidential: Sunglasses

  1. I LOVE #2!!! Unfortunately I look soooo dumb in circular glasses. I have a baby head! 3. and 8. are amazing as well! This is such a great post!! xo

  2. Haha just saw the “Be nice, anonymous!” That’s great. ūüôā

    I mix up my sunglasses quite a bit but my tried and trues are tortoise shell shades. I’m not usually a fan of heart sunglasses, but those above are perfect because they aren’t too cutesy! I want them!!

    The one look I wish I could pull off? Aviators. They just don’t look right on me!

  3. Surprisingly, I just bought a pair of shield sunglasses from Ralph Lauren and love them. I have a very small face, so it’s hard to find a good fit and these are great. They are fairly classic in color (brown), but the design is pretty contemporary.

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