Do Tell: Summertime Guilty Pleasures

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Can you believe it’s already June? I swear, the older I get, the faster each year goes by. Not to mention, it seems like the Houston summers get hotter and hotter each year. We are already experiencing temperatures in the mid 90s and the summer is only beginning. Fabian and I went to test drive a potential new car for him on Saturday afternoon and the heat was ungodly. Note to self—don’t shop for cars in the summer! Complaints about the heat aside, I’ve always loved the summer season. It always seems to bring lovely indulgences—a much needed vacation, a fleeting romance, ice cream and other frosty treats. I would love to know what your summertime guilty pleasures are. Poolside cocktails every evening? A summer fling? Gelato every night of the week? Three nights of back to back “Real Housewives” shows? Getting more sun than we really should? What do you indulge in when summer rolls around?

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11 thoughts on “Do Tell: Summertime Guilty Pleasures

  1. Being from Houston like you I completely understand where you are coming from! My husband and I have one guilty pleasure every Monday…Swirl! Lol. It’s so low calorie and it’s double stamp Mondays to top it off. Besides that our Saturday’s are reserved for an early afternoon workout followed by pool side hang time and then off to late dinner and drinks with friends. Love the summer!

  2. 1) Start drinking Lillet after Memorial Day. It’s very summery.

    2) Amalfi coast every summer / swim in the sea

    3) Baby powder to keep my thighs from rubbing together in the hot-ass heat

  3. Man do I NOT miss the Houston summer heat. I’m only in Fort Worth now so it’s not much cooler but at least it’s not as humid 🙂 I definitely love sitting by the pool, reading magazines and listening to my music way too loud!!

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