Raising the Bar

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{A Fabulous Party Set-Up by Russell + Hazel}

Photos of beautifully-styled bars have become ubiquitous in the world of interior design. Every well-designed home must have one and therefore, they commonly appear in our favorite shelter magazines and in turn, they turn up all over the blog world.

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{A Classic Bar Design by David Hicks}

While I love the look of a well-styled bar, I honestly don’t drink very often and seldom do so at home, unless we’re having wine with dinner. I usually don’t keep a stocked bar unless I am expecting company, so I was excited to come across this helpful chart for keeping the perfectly stocked bar when hosting an event. Style accordingly!

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What must-haves do you keep in your bar? Do you have an actual, built-in bar or does your “bar” consist of a nicely-styled, chic table in the dining room or living room like most of ours?

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2 thoughts on “Raising the Bar

  1. Loving this list- what a great reference guide to have! I am not much of a drinker either, but I always have a bottle of champagne and Elderflower Liquor on hand. If you mix a dash of elderflower in a glass of champagne, it’s a nice refresher!

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