Fabulous Room Friday 05.11.12


While browsing Thom Filicia’s website this morning, I noticed he had added a couple of new projects to his portfolio including a sprawling Greenwich home in which this study is housed. It was the deep, melancholic blue hue that first drew me in. The fact that Filicia has layered the room with vibrant, ethnic fabrics—on the sofa, the floor, and the window, really adds depth and interest. This home is a classic, very large traditional style home, but the irreverent eclecticism used by Filicia to decorate a space as formal as the study is completely refreshing.

What are your thoughts on the blue walls? Do you like the idea of taking a completely traditional home and decorating it in a completely unexpected way? Happy weekend!

16 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 05.11.12

  1. I love it. The blues are so deliciously rich. I think the room looks fantastic and if I`d want to change it up a bit all I`d do was change out the sofa cushions, table accessories and the brown wooden chairs. I think those walls and that sofa and artwork could look great with any number of styles. Really pretty. Great find.

  2. This peacock blue has become one of my favorites, but in small doses. I like a dark, more mysterious study and the modern decor against the formal backdrop. It doesn’t get much better than that to keep things fresh!

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