Photo of the Day 05.09.12


While perusing the other day, I came across another “APT with LSD” feature in which style icon, Lauren Santo Domingo visits other chic and interesting women in their glamorous homes. This time, Lauren’s subject was Nicole Hanley Mellon, businesswoman, mother, and wife of Matthew Mellon. The Mellons have taken up residence at The Pierre New York, a swank hotel on Fifth Avenue with gorgeous views of Central Park. Nicole has taken a stylish and very personal approach in decorating their new home. The home features stunning artwork and an eclectic, slightly irreverent vibe. I was really struck by this image of the master bedroom. Isn’t it vibrant? Aside from the glamorous décor—lucite, fabulous artwork, etc.—I love seeing the Mellons’ baby boy and pup hanging out on the bed. How would you subtitle this image?

{Image Credit: Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue}

9 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 05.09.12

  1. Oh I’m so sorry. I’m giggling here – I know you won’t post this comment, but when I looked at this all I could think was “Toddler Paints with Feces… Really Well!”

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