Photo of the Day 04.19.12

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I saw this image on Pinterest the other day and was immediately drawn in. Not only is it a great shot from an editorial perspective, but there is such an inviting ease in this room. Upon further inspection of the space, I noticed the Beni Ourain rug on the left and the spotted rug on the right. I love them separately, but am not as sure about them side by side. What are your thoughts on using two different but coordinating rugs next to one another like this? Would you ever try this in your own home?

11 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 04.19.12

  1. So right – this room is soothing and beautiful but something about the carpets makes me uneasy. The patterns and colors work together nicely, I think it’s the gap between the two with the table bridging it that bothers me. Love it otherwise tho! Great pic as always.

  2. I’d use the two carpets in adjoining spaces, because of the similar color ways and the complimentary not conflicting pattern scales.

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