Fabulous Room Friday 04.06.12

This week’s room is an airy, chic dining room/living room in a loft in New York’s West Village designed by Pamplemousse Design. The color palette is calming—white, grey, and a few hints of deep blue. My favorite area of this space is the dining room. The use of the windows is really maximized. The reclaimed wood dining table anchors the room and the beautiful Fiddleleaf Fig Trees add color and texture. I also love the sleek, floating sideboard table and the striped rug.

{If we venture into the living room area of the space, you’ll notice the color palette is carried over. I love the marble tables that were selected—the interesting cocktail table and the Saarinen Tulip Table in the background. The furniture silhouettes are modern and sleek.}

{This little area is great for a game of chess or dining a deux. I love the cluster of convex mirrors.}

{The Space from a New Perspective}

{Blue typically isn’t my favorite color, but I love the rich tones that were selected here. This nook reminds me of the JK Place Hotel in Capri. The built in bench, framed blueprints, and interesting cocktail table are special touches within the space.}


I hope you each have a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter/Passover!


{Images via Pamplemousse Design}

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