Beautifully Organized: Bracelets

Hello my dears! Arianna here of Arianna Belle Organized Interiors, back with more ideas for getting your home beautifully organized. In a previous post, I shared ideas on how to organize your earrings, and today I want to share a few ideas for organizing another category of jewelry – bracelets – including everything else we wear on our wrists like watches and bangles. A good option for those who like to have things put away out of sight, is to dedicate a portion of a drawer to them and use organizers to keep things separated and neat. Clear acrylic ones always look nice. Remember to measure before buying! For those who are more visually oriented (right-brained!) and prefer to have things out, trays are great for corralling pieces and keeping surfaces from looking like a cluttered mess. Another option is to hang them on a jewelry tree, which makes for a lovely display. Last but not least, a fun option is a keep them in pretty vintage cups. Look for ones with a wide enough mouth to fit the width of your pieces.

Hope this post inspired some ideas for your own home! Til next time!


image credits: 1 & 3 – photography by isa salazar via lonny mag blog, 2- photography by emily johnston anderson via glitter guide, 4- photography by douglas friedman via c magazine, 5-7 glitter guide

8 thoughts on “Beautifully Organized: Bracelets

  1. Love that last shot! I need my jewelry laid out where I can see it…organizing them in vintage teaware seems like such a chic approach…so cute and quaint on the dresser…the addition of the oversized mirror is perfect for last minute looks! Great inspiration!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


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