Global Architecture: Hawaiian Style
Hello LDV readers, Brendan here of (BAD) Blog About Design.
Hawaiian architecture has seen great changes over the centuries. With its unique culture and history, Hawaii has kept true to much of its original style while still progressing forward into the modern era. (ABOVE) The Kuki’o Cottages in North Kona were designed by de Reus Architects. I find these cottages to represent much of Hawaii’s original plantation architectural style, that was greatly seen during the Hawaiian monarchy. This style featured a wide hipped or bellcast roof with eaves. The plantation style was popular because, when viewed against the natural Hawaiian environment these structures easily blended into their surroundings. (THE FASHION) For this set I was inspired by the Kuki’o Cottages and island. The Bora dress, is a beautiful color, but also features a wonderful pattern. The color is quite reflective of the structure above, but the pattern represents the wonderful fruits and jungles found in Hawaii. The Sandals feature a wonderful woven strap. Much of this woven design is seen throughout the island in the architecture, and furnishings. Which piece is your favorite?
This wonderful home designed by de Reus Architects and featured in Architectural Digest, blends in beautifully which its rocky environment. Much of the materials used to construct the home, were different variations of wood. I love how the home is so open, which allows for a tropical breeze. (THE FASHION) For this set I was inspired by the home above and the island. The beautiful sunset dress, represents the home’s location. The sunglasses, represent the contrast between the home and rocky land. Which piece is your favorite? Hawaii is full of surprises and exciting places to visit. It’s a region of impeccable colors, and landscapes. What are some of your Hawaiian experiences?

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  1. Wow! I absolutely love this post. The Rebecca Minkoff satchel is gorgeous. Paloma- you need to feature Brendan more often!

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