Fabulous Room Friday 02.24.12

luis bustamante

{This beautiful dressing room features exquisite woodwork. I love the effect of the high gloss finish and contrasting paint colors. The nickel hanging shade is a gorgeous, versatile piece that I was awestruck over upon first glance. The glossy finishes throughout add such polish to the space.}

Discovering a designer who is new to me is always such a sweet surprise. After viewing Spanish designer, Luis Bustamante’s portfolio for the first time yesterday, I was beyond impressed. The Madrid-based designer’s work is slightly more classical than what I tend to post on La Dolce Vita, but it is completely stunning. No detail is spared. Every space is perfectly curated—Bustamante takes chic sophistication to a completely new level. The spaces he designs could be considered museum quality, if there was such a thing. After visiting Madrid for my 30th birthday in November, I realized that “Madrileños”, as residents of Madrid are called, are some of the most stylish people on the planet. Tradition reigns in Madrid and that is reflected in their interiors. Things take a more classical turn in this well-heeled city than they do in Barcelona.

I’ve talked about feeling a sort of “design overload” in the past. Over the years, it has become harder to find spaces that I am truly moved by and honestly find different than anything else. Bustamante’s work has done just that for me. I could go on and on, but I’ll save it for Monday, when I’ll be posting a “Style Profile” story on Bustamante. Today, let’s focus on this amazing space. I’d like to call it a “gentleman’s suite”. I simply had to post both the dressing room and bedroom since they are both incredibly stunning and couldn’t bring myself to narrow it down to just one.

luis bustamante4

{I love that the bedroom is done in crisp white. It’s a complete contrast to the dark, moody dressing room. It is no less tailored, though. Everything is so handsome!}

luis bustamante2

{I love the use of color and texture. No matter how slight, it adds such rich depth to the room.}

luis bustamante3

{Notice how Bustamante has used the same lamp design throughout the bedroom and dressing room. I usually love mixing lighting up a bit, but the result here is fabulous. It adds continuity to the space and makes it feel like a luxury hotel property. I also love the abstract paintings near the console table.}

luis bustamante6

{The masculine bathroom features marble, classic sconces, and black and white striped wallpaper.}


{Images Courtesy of Luis Bustamante}

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