Beautifully Organized: Perfume Bottles

Hello! Arianna here of Arianna Belle Organized Interiors.

Trays are great options for storing and displaying perfume bottles and other vanity items. When you group like items together and keep them in a designated spot, in this case perfumes on a tray, you can turn a cluttered mess into a beautiful vignette. My favorite are vintage trays, which can be found at flea markets and sites like Etsy.

Where do you like to keep your perfumes? Are you a fan of using trays to organize?

‘Til next time my friends!


image credits: 1- via sea of shoes, 2-via madebygirl, 3-via pinterest, 4-the order obsessed, 5-into the gloss

19 thoughts on “Beautifully Organized: Perfume Bottles

  1. Hi Arianna! Lovely pics; very artistic and pretty ways to display perfumes! I do this myself, and of course anything that does not compliment my all white color scheme will not be displayed! lol
    have a great week,
    Jenah xo

  2. I really love an organized dresser table, especially when it has quite a number of perfume bottles. This goes to show that perfume bottles have become more creative and more interesting in the past few years. They really come in all shapes, sizes and colors now, which make them great decoration pieces even after they’ve been emptied.

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