Glamour Obsession: Neon

{Can I wear this right now?? I want the dress the shoes, the purse, the jewelry.  It’s beyond perfect!  Adore!}

Hello LDV Readers!  Vanessa Stern here from Vanessa & Valentine!  I feel like it’s been forever since my last post.  Lots is happening right now and so far 2012 has been a very exciting year!  I can’t help but notice lately pops of neon everywhere.  I go walking outside and I see runners with bright neon colored shoes.  Walk into any store and the spring collections are bursting with neon!  I am all about color and when I see people wearing bright bold colors, it makes me happy.  Do you ever notice when you wear a bright color like yellow or aqua, people are nicer to you, they speak to you, they turn their head and open the door?  It’s odd, but I totally notice that when I wear bright colors.  I’ll even wear a bold yellow scarf or a pop of color when I go on client meetings because I’ve observed people are generally nicer and  more engaged in the conversation.  You should try it sometime, I swear it works!  Ok, so here’s what I am loving for spring and what’s on my color radar right now….

Bright, bold colors for the office everyday.  Paired with a perfect graphic black and white blouse and red pants, the accents totally work.  I am loving that turquoise and gold ring and the neon yellow clutch.  I’d probably pair this down even more for the office, but this look pretty much rocks!
Digging this bright little neon green messenger bag.  Chick has guts to wear this, and I don’t think we would miss her walking down the street!
Here is a great little way to add a little touch of bright color to your life everyday.  Buy a fierce bright pink shade of lipstick,  add a thin little neon green belt to your basic black pants, get a bright orange pedicure, wear some bright plastic sunnies by the pool, wear more pink blouses, a little goes a long way, so just have fun with color! 
Wear a bright orange clutch with a blue dress…
…or mix red and hot pink for the office and neutralize it with brown (HOT!)
Pure white with neon brights is the perfect way to complement each other. 
Cheers Everyone and see you next time!
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11 thoughts on “Glamour Obsession: Neon

  1. Hello fabulous color! I know color makes me a heck of a lot happier when the sun is hiding (like it is today). I just bought new running shoes with the most awesome neon green sole! I’m sure I’ll run faster 😉

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