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feather factor

Thank you to the fabulous Katherine of Feather Factor who posted an interview she did with me on her amazing blog yesterday. Katherine’s blog is filled with fashion eye candy and inspiring places. I am so flattered to be featured in her interview series along with some seriously stylish ladies. In the interview I discuss several things including my background, career, inspiration, fashion, and décor, of course. If you have a few minutes, please check it out!

5 thoughts on “Feather Factor Interview

  1. I loved this interview. I like ones that gives us a real glimpse into the person outside of superficial stuff like…where do you shop. Although those are fun too but I love your story. I too, majored in education (art-ed) before getting my interior design degree and I had every intention on being a high school art teacher. But I changed major when they started taking arts from schools due to budget cuts. So I have a soft spot for teachers, esp ones at the high school level. That and the fact you genuinely seem like a nice person is what draws me to your blog daily. I literally laughed out loud at the gansta rap comment. Yeah, I never would have thought.

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