Fabulous Room Friday 01.06.12

Kitchen and Bath 1

For the first “Fabulous Room” of 2012, I’ve selected this simply stunning kitchen designed by the uber talented, Benjamin Dhong. I always love the chic spaces Benjamin creates and was so excited when I visited his website the other day and saw that he had added new projects. I love the warm palette he’s chosen to pair with classic elements like the traditional cabinetry, crisp subway tile and marble countertops. The clean lines of the island add a modern element and the pops of yellow really tie everything together. The fabulous oversized globe pendant is truly the jewelry in the room.

Kitchen and Bath 2

{The antique mirrored cabinet doors lend just the right amount of glamour to the space.}

Kitchens and Bath 3

{Notice how beautifully the windows are framed. I also love the finish on the wide-planked, hardwood floors.There’s nothing quite like California sunlight, is there? Could it be the ultimate accessory?}


{Image Credit: David Duncan Livingston}

31 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 01.06.12

  1. I love that banquette! It would be amazing to sit and have breakfast there every morning. I also think the mirrored cabinets look gorgeous and unique. Really beautiful tile and flooring as well. Just so clean and relaxing.

  2. Thank you Paloma for such a wonderful honor!

    We just loved creating this kitchen! The client was a young family from the east coast so we wanted it to be traditional but with a fresh vibe.

    Happy New Year to you and all your readers!
    Benjamin Dhong

  3. Through umpteen links I ended up at your blog, its absolutely gorgeous. Benjamin’s work is amazing, I want to re-do my kitchen in this exact style.

    I will be your latest follower, thanks for a beautiful blog.

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