Love it or Leave it: Back to Back Vanity

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I recently stumbled upon designer, Jeffrey Allan Marks’ Tumblr blog where I spotted this image of his master bathroom. You’ll notice that instead of having side by side vanities and sinks, JAM’s are back to back. I think this is a really clever use of space and it doesn’t hurt that the rest of the room is so beautifully designed. Would you ever opt for back to back vanities? Do you love this look or would you rather leave it?

17 thoughts on “Love it or Leave it: Back to Back Vanity

  1. I LOVE this! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vanity this large…it must be custom made?? What is the thing in the ceiling over the vanity…can’t figure it out!!

  2. I absolutely love that concept. I’ve seen it in some public bathrooms in hotels and casinos such as the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and can’t get enough of it!

  3. I have seen it and a good friend has this set up as well…if it works in the room as it appears to do here, then why not! I personally prefer a side by side traditional setup, but in some rooms this is a better arrangment.

  4. I absolutely love this idea! To respond to jane, what’s on the ceiling are candles/lighting covered with a shade that had been cut off in the photo… At least, that’s what I think 🙂

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