Beautifully Organized: Handbags

Hello all! Arianna here of Arianna Belle Organized Interiors. Today I want to share a few ideas for organizing handbags. As with shoes, a great place to keep handbags is on shelves. Shelves allow you to display what you have and help create that boutique feeling in your closet.

When installing shelves, keep in mind the different heights of handbags and space out shelves accordingly. Built-in dividers, like those in Jen’s closet, help keep things neat:

As an alternative to built-ins, you can use non-permanent shelf dividers:

Or as Kelly from the Glamouri did, inexpensive book-ends:

Another option is to use hooks on a door – a nice solution for small spaces.

You can also install a row of hooks right into the closet, like Mary McDonald did:

Or use accessory hooks on a the closet rod. As an inexpensive alternative, try shower s-hooks.

A few noteworthy handbag organizers on the market:

Park-a-Purse – cubbies without the permanency of built-ins

hanging canvas organizer -a space saving solution that hangs on a rod

handbag storage bins – keep handbags contained, work beautifully on a shelf

That’s all for now my dears. I hope this post gave you a few ideas for your own closet. See you again in two weeks!


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16 thoughts on “Beautifully Organized: Handbags

  1. Love to see handbag organization! Bookends are such a good idea, I never thought of that. I think I tried every single thing I possibly could in my little closet and finally I just put them in a wicker basket I had. One day I would love to have a closet with space for a whole wall of handbags all in individual cubbies! Ah, dreams..

  2. Oh this would be so nice. When we moved in together, my clothes horse boyfriend took the big closet, so I got the little one. ūüôĀ But maybe I’ll just turn the guest bedroom into a dressing room! Now someone get met that flame stitch wallpaper. I also love the hook idea!


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