Glamour Obsession: French, Do It Better.

Bonjour, kiss kiss!  Vanessa Stern here from Vanessa & Valentine.  They say French women don’t get fat, maybe it’s because they like to look so stylish all the time!  As a self described Francophile, I love all things French and I especially love French style (and French House music too).  I’ve been dying to get back to Paris again, even if it’s just for 5 short days, and I’ve made a promise with myself to one day live there for an entire season.  Check out some of my favorite French styles…    
A French women knows the importance of the little black dress, but she also knows how to kick it up a notch with black lace, a little black Chanel purse, tan top coat, and a messy, yet stylish up ‘do.  I love how French women always seem to look so polished even when their hair is disheveled.
She knows the importance of a good trench coat topped over a basic black sweater and jeans, but she glams it up with mile high pumps and of course, a chic bun.
She loves a French crystal chandelier for every room.
Carine Roitfeld is the epitome of French chic with her dark belted trench and black sunnies.  This chick can do no wrong in my book!   
She pairs a gray trench and mile high studded boots with gold jewelry and aviators (and gotta love the messy hair!)
She understands the importance of tan and white, with brown leather year round and she stays warm with a stylish hat…
She spices things up with a flowy little red number and a bold blue clutch!
She invests in the classics…
…and she knows less is more by pairing skinnies with a perfectly tailored blazer over a simple black tee, topped off with killer stilettos, and playful braids (a classic black purse is a must).
She is known for her energy and joie de vivre…
She chooses earthy, neutral colors and casually throws her hair up in a loose chignon…
…or she will opt for something more serious, structured, and sophisticated.  The black bob hairstyle is her calling card so watch out!
She loves a sidewalk cafe and will sip an espresso or glass of red mid-day with no remorse. 
She adores black lace dresses, hair styled long and layered, and her favorite shade of red lipstick.
She takes public transportation and navigates through the city streets in heels…
She rides a little Vespa to the cafe.
She’ll even wear skin tight snakeskin in the middle of the day just because she can.
Au Revoir…Till we meet again!
Images via Pinterest, The Sartorialist, and Stockholm Street Style

29 thoughts on “Glamour Obsession: French, Do It Better.

  1. French DO do it better! I love the pics you included in this post…They’re getting added to my look book when I don’t know what to wear. You can’t go wrong with these style cues.

  2. what a beautiful post! classic french styles!.. quality and good purchases get together so well!!.. oh. it was great to read this post with the music you suggested at te beginning.. I was totally transported to Paris!

  3. The first picture was taken in Spain, not in France. Such a clichée. Paris is about so much more than La Durée and the Eiffeltower.

  4. Love this post!! French girls are just so much cooler. Why couldn’t I have been born French?!

    Love so many of these outfits here. Thanks!


  5. Fabulous selection of pics and great observation on French women, they have the ability to put an outfit together from a very young age……..practice makes perfect as they say and the French in my opinion are the best.
    Carla x

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