Beautifully Organized: Ideas for Shoe Storage

Hello everyone! Arianna here from Arianna Belle Organized Interiors. Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite ways to organize shoes. Whether you have lots of space, limited space, you like open storage, or closed storage, there’s something for you. First up, shelving. I love shelves because they’re so versatile, they come in many different sizes and can fit any budget. You can buy already-made units or individual pieces, or have something custom fitted. You can have as many or as few shelves as you want, to fit your space, and can install them anywhere. Use deep shelves (like those below right) to keep less frequently used or out-of-season shoes in the back. As variations of shelving, shoe cubbies and shoe racks, are other great options. Shoe cubbies (like those below left) fit one pair of shoes in each square. The separation of the pairs helps keep things neat. If one shoe topples over, for example, it won’t create a domino effect and topple over the others. Over-the-door shoe racks, like the one shown above right, are great for small spaces. They allow you to take advantage of vertical space and can be installed on most any door. If you prefer to have things more out of sight, you can install a wall rack and conceal it with a beautiful curtain (see below left). One of my absolute favorite ideas for hidden storage is a shoe ottoman. The Lilly Pulitzer Home Rousseau Ottoman, shown above right, is outfitted to store sixteen pairs. Perfect for spaces where every piece needs to do double-duty. I love that as a bonus it’s lined with beautiful fabric in a colorful print for an unexpected surprise. Last but not least, boxes. Boxes are great for protecting shoes from dust. I recommend getting clear boxes that allow you to see what’s inside, like those shown below… …or boxes labeled with a photograph of the shoe that’s inside: So tell me, what’s your favorite idea for storing and organizing shoes? Is there an idea you’ve already tried and loved or maybe one that you hope to try? Til next time! –Arianna {image sources: 1-apartment therapy, 2-the coveteur, 3-liz caan, 4-apartment therapy, 5- lucky magazine, 6- neiman marcus, 7- better homes and gardens, 8-howard’s storage world, 9- shelterness, 10- house and home}

15 thoughts on “Beautifully Organized: Ideas for Shoe Storage

  1. I have a big wall of open shelving in my home office that stores shoes. The shelves are high gloss white and it makes the space feel more boutique-y. Guests always comment on it. I love having such easy access to my kicks!

    Great post, Arianna!

  2. I use clear boxes for my shoes but it ends up being a pain getting them in and out of the box. So I guess I’m totally lazy!!! I’d love for you to do an article on purses, I’m doing my closet in January and I have way too many purses and not really sure what to do with them all!! (:

  3. My absolute favorite is the classic single shelving units! Just love how beautifully displayed they look! Makes them appear like new. I do however like the other clever ideas presented to store shoes! Takes a little creativity, but as long as it’s done tastefully, it can be done:)

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