25 Chic Ways to Tie a Scarf

I usually don’t wear scarves too often in Houston since we have a pretty warm climate nine months out of the year, but as we are heading to Spain tomorrow, I have definitely had these stylish, warm accessories on my mind and was elated to find this video with 25 Chic Ways to Tie a Scarf by Wendy’s Lookbook on Pinterest. It has some classic staples along with some fun, new favorites. I think this will definitely come in handy this winter. I am off to practice with my favorite scarves!

10 thoughts on “25 Chic Ways to Tie a Scarf

  1. What a great video! Since I live in Houston as well, I am envious of those who live in colder-weather climates and have much more of an opportunity to show off chic scarves. Have so much fun in Spain!

    Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic

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