Beautifully Organized: Stylish Lacquered Boxes

I’m always on the lookout for stylish storage options. For a while now, these glam lacquered boxes have been on my radar and on my “To-Splurge-on-Someday” list. They not only work as ultra chic small scale storage (I’d use them for hiding the remote controls in the living room or for storing special keepsakes), but also also help create beautiful styled vignettes.

Lustworthy, wouldn’t you agree?
Till next time my dears!
{Image sources: 1- instyle magazine, 2- via chic coles, 3- ron marvin via trad home, 4- plantation design, 5- thomas o’brien, 6- ron marvin via lonny, 7-david jimenez , 8- sweetie pie style}

15 thoughts on “Beautifully Organized: Stylish Lacquered Boxes

  1. I just bought the orange and black stacking boxes. I can’t wait til they come in! I have been waiting to get them for like 3 years now!!! They look like Hermes boxes. Pacific Connections is the wholesale supplier, but you can also purchase them on Love your blog and VC!

    <3 Nicole

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