Dream Home: Bijou and Boheme

Clearly, Christine from Bijou and Boheme is a girl after my own heart—I am in love with every glamorous space she selected for her fabulous “Dream Home”! This is definitely one of my favorites in the entire series. Enjoy!
Bijou and Boheme
Hey there.
It’s Christine here from Bijou and Boheme and I’m pretty excited about sharing my dream home with you.
If I was able to have any house in the world, it wouldn’t be huge…but it would be fabulous.
A NYC brownstone would be my first choice.
And it would look/feel a little something like this…
Upon entering, you’d be greeted by a ridiculously high ceiling, original detail molding, a grande/sweeping staircase, amazing floors and leopard…can’t forget the leopard.
The kitchen would be completely plastered in Calacatta Gold marble…
and there would be a small little nook for morning coffees and newspapers…or blogs…take your pick.
The dining room would of course be covered in gorgeous chinoiserie wallpaper and a beautiful marble fireplace would anchor the room.
The living room would be elegant and soft…the height of the ceilings would be accented by the tall, narrow windows…and they’d of course be draped in the finest silk…oh and there would be velvet…lots of it.
Family time would be spent in the pink room, as it was affectionately called…the bar area would be there too.
The lady of the house {aka moi in this little dream} would have a bright office where she would work on projects for her clients…she’d be a designer of course.  This room would be accented with fabulously decadent pink chairs and the desk to end all desks…the Z-gold!
The Mr. would also have a work space…clearly masculine in influence with charcoal grasscloth on the walls.
The master bedroom would be luxurious…an antique gilt headboard, fur throw, and textured walls would make for a cozy but decadent space.  The far end of the room would be home to a lucite and burled wood dressing table.
The adjoining master bath would be painted dark…
while the two guest rooms would be bright, airy and inviting.
The young girls of the house would enjoy bedrooms doused in charm…
and a bathroom full of whimsy.
The backyard of this dream home would be a green oasis, complete with yet another marble fireplace {the house have 7 of those}.
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Pretty isn’t she?
Thanks so much to Paloma for having me visit- such a treat!


26 thoughts on “Dream Home: Bijou and Boheme

  1. Wow, Christine, that is some house. Fingers crossed you get your dream house one day. But I must say, certain rooms {even if we only get teeny tiny peeks} kind of look like this? You are on the right track my friend 🙂 Can’t wait to see #PKG, it will end up in everyone’s “dream” folder!

  2. Count me in too – add a library, a conservatory, a ridiculously low asking price, and that it opens out onto the most gorgeous beach and I’m moving NOW!!

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