Ebony or Ivory?

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While I tend to prefer darker finishes and stains for wood, I have found that lately, I’ve been loving the look of limed oak floors as much as ebonized wood floors. While I know there is a huge array of finishes in between, these two are pretty special. We’ll keep this short and sweet. Which would you choose- ebonized or limed floors? Pinned Image

{High Gloss Ebonized Floors- So chic, but SO high-maintenance!}

{Image via House Beautiful }

{Image via ELLE DECOR }

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{I love these rustic, old floors}

{A Lovely Limed Floor in a Chevron Pattern}

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{Super-Wide, Limed Planks}


{Images via Pinterest, unless otherwise noted}

15 thoughts on “Ebony or Ivory?

  1. Definitely the Lime Wood. The Ebony is IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean. Stunning yes, but only for a second after you’ve cleaned it. Had both but a light floor is so much easier to live with- unless you have a maid I suppose.

  2. My husband and I are in the middle of flooring shopping and it’s been back and forth for the past while. But after seeing comparison photos, I think we’ll stick with our original choice of dark floors. Light is so calming and clean but I think I’m more of a dramatic gal.

    Thanks for sharing these photos!

  3. Although I do like both ebony and ivory, I wonder if one of the factors affecting its effect is the ceiling height. If the ceilings are high, dark floors enhance the vertical space; if the ceilings are lower, lighter floor enhance the horizontal space. What do you think about that? My least favorite is the chevron floor because the space is too neutral throughout. Love all the others. xx

  4. This has been an ongoing battle for me! I love both looks and cannot decide. It’s time to do my floors and I am still on the fence! I also like painted floors…What’s a girl to do???? Great pics!

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