Fabulous Room Friday 10.06.11

This week’s Fabulous Room is part of a chic duplex in Madrid, recently featured in Nuevo Estilo. What struck me more about this space is the variety of strong contrasts. Designer Juan Manzanaro opted for a high-gloss, white lacquered, oval table in an ultra-modern, minimal shape paired with ornate gold chairs by Carina Casanovas that pay homage to Louis-style chairs. Both of these elements look rather striking against the shiny, ebonized wood floors. I am particularly in love with the abstract painting by Ramón Bilbao. Personally, I would have opted for a fabulous chandelier as opposed to the awful track lighting that is currently hanging over the table, but maybe they loved the painting too much to obstruct its view.
Have a wonderful weekend!

12 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 10.06.11

  1. Fabulous room indeed!! This mix of old and new, more prevalent in Europe I think, is exactly what I saw tons of at the design festival in London. You’re spot on about the lighting – who knows why they didn’t change it out…

  2. Paloma, your comments are spot on, as usual! Tactile, visual, and stylistic contrast make this a fabulous room. The track lighting is terrible, but practical. I’m guessing there may be artwork that we are not seeing on the other walls. But there are many great fixtures out there that would not be in the line of sight, if that was the issue.
    Thanks for another fantastic Fabulous Room Friday. – Tyra

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