Fabulous Room Friday 09.30.11

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I think this space may have pulled me out of my recent indifference for the majority of the interiors I’ve seen as of late. The space is part of the living room in Veranda’s recent “House of Windsor” and it is nothing short of stunning. I love the gorgeous windows and abundance of light. While the space above is just a small portion of the overall room, it is definitely more than enough for me! The minimal color palette of rich chocolate and gold is perfect against the whitewashed floors and walls. The room, from what I can tell in this image, has just the right amount of “stuff”—it is neither cluttered nor sparse. The real stars of the show are the gorgeous vintage chairs! Does anyone know what this particular chair design is called? I would love to have some one day. Can you imagine how glamorous a dining room would look with a set of these beauties?

house of windsor

{This is the overall living room, in case you were wondering what the full space looks like.}

Fabian and I are off to Austin tomorrow for our friend’s 30th birthday. We’re heading to the Texas Wine Country to celebrate. It’s not Napa, but it’s sure to be fun. Happy weekend!

{Image Source: Veranda Magazine}

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  1. I’m glad you asked about the name of these chairs. I have seen this style in a few pictures and have also been dying to know if/where they can be purchased!

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