Love it or Leave it: High Gloss Ceiling

I stumbled upon this chic bedroom from the 2008 Kips Bay Decorator Show House on Pinterest over the holiday weekend and I couldn’t help but think that the high gloss white ceiling in the space would inspire a visceral reaction from anyone who sees it. Something tells me that depending on the person looking at the space, the high gloss ceiling will either make the space or totally break it.This may just be the glossiest paint application I have ever seen. I want to hear your thoughts—love it or leave it?

33 thoughts on “Love it or Leave it: High Gloss Ceiling

  1. almost painted our entire bedroom high gloss but ended up leaving it. i LOVE the look and find it gives a room a very artistic feel, but it’s a little too cold for me to actually want to live in. however, i would absolutely do an office in a dark gray or black high gloss.


  2. I personally love it since it reflects the pattern of the carpet on the ceiling…..but I could see how it could be interpreted as some odd way of getting a mirror on the ceiling circa the Playboy Mansion

  3. I think you are totally right….this is definitely a love it or leave it situation. Personally, I say leave it. I’m not at all an interior designer (and that might be why I’m not a fan), but I think it distracts you from the room itself. It just feels out of place.

  4. I think it depends on the style of the room. It would probably look great in a minimal room with bold and/or neutral colours, but for this style room, I don’t think it’s a great fit, but I’m really liking the idea 🙂

  5. Actually think it is a Lacquer finish which in the right place I love! Very time consuming process & really requires the right skills to pull off properly.

    In the bedroom in this color this looks a bit like a fogged up mirror… I do love lacquer in rich colors like emerald green.

  6. All I can think of is how much work it is to get a ceiling that perfectly flat for a high gloss finish (I’ve sanded ceilings during our remodeling projects, it’s miserable). Even walls are a bear, but I do at times like high gloss walls. On ceilings? Leave it.

  7. I don’t see how that could be paint. I had to look it up….it is a stretch lacquer ceiling from Extenzo that is pulled taught across the ceiling….that is why it looks so perfect! I am adding this to my bookmarked bag of tricks!

  8. I absolutely LOVE it!! But it would be hard to do. Any high gloss treatment is. You can’t just paint it. But I will definitely have this filed away for a project with a lacquering budget. LOVE!

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