Bananas! A Tour of Rachel Zoe’s Son’s Nursery

Last night, ABC’s Primetime aired a special called “Mommywood” giving viewers a peek into the lives of Hollywood moms including Denise Richards and Rachel Zoe. Zoe gave viewers a tour of her son, Skyler’s lovely nursery and his fabulous closet and shoe collection. He’s just a tot, but he already has an enviable shoe collection, custom-made Missoni and bespoke Gucci. I die! I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about the upcoming season of The Rachel Zoe Project and seeing how Rachel deals with adding a sweet baby to her chaotic schedule. From the look of this video, she seems to be handling it all fabulously well! Until then, you can keep up with Rachel’s happenings through The Zoe Report, her stylish newsletter.

16 thoughts on “Bananas! A Tour of Rachel Zoe’s Son’s Nursery

  1. out of control! I’m drooling of course, and a little bit sad bc I know my son-to-be will not have a fab Gucci leather bomber jacket…well unless of course Gucci would like to donate one! Thanks for sharing this clip.

  2. This is a riot…the little man has a wardrobe most if not all of our husbands would be jealous of, a shoe collection I am jealous of and a closet most can only dream about having. Lucky little dude. Those Tod’s are the cutest thing I have seen in a long long time, then again everything in those tiny pint sizes just gets major bonus points for cuteness! Thanks for sharing…loved it!

  3. My son had one pair of Gucci booties, which was fun, but they lasted half a second ~ I wonder what she will do with all of these when his second is up ~ I hope she donates to charitable organizations!
    A beautiful nursery!

  4. Wowzers! That is one lucky little boy! Ok, but all I kept thinking is “How did you get the stain/smell of baby puke out of a Gucci leather bomber jacket?”…seriously. Babies and toddlers are constantly smearing junk on their clothes and staining things up. I hope she has an AMAZING dry cleaner!

  5. Shelly, I was thinking along the very same line wondering how she will get baby spit up out of that lovely Hermes blanket hanging over the side of the baby’s crib.

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