Kishani Perera’s New Store: RUMMAGE

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Kishani Perera masterfully blends together a variety of inspired styles, some of which take root in different cultures. She has worked with many Hollywood celebrities including Molly Sims, for whom she has famously designed two homes, both of which are personal favorites of mine. What I love most about Kishani’s work is the way that she seamlessly blends together various styles and adds unexpected touches.

Recently, Kishani has been very busy working on her latest project, a new store called RUMMAGE which opens today in Los Angeles.

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RUMMAGE will offer a curated collection of vintage and hand-crafted pieces that  includes a mix of high and low end, simple and ornate, budget friendly and extravagant, classical and bohemian, all American and global. Expect to find 1940’s French cane chairs, deco Lucite and brass coffee tables, antique Thai theatre masks, European chandeliers, vintage glassware, textiles and designer fabrics, curios, and trinkets. In addition, Kishani will sell her own custom line of furniture– handmade zinc tables, concrete planters, an iron chandelier tree, a vintage mannequin that has been turned into a floor lamp etc…”

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{Judging from the fabulous inventory and Kishani’s beautiful design work, it looks as though RUMMAGE will become an instant favorite for LA’s design set.}

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{How gorgeous are these wing chairs? I like that the inventory in the store lends itself to many different styles and tastes.}

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{If you’re in LA, be sure to pay RUMMAGE a visit soon. The shop officially opens today!}



7374 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Twitter: @rummagehome

14 thoughts on “Kishani Perera’s New Store: RUMMAGE

  1. Thank you for blogging this!
    I LOVE Molly Sims NYC apartment and LA home.
    Have you ever come across pictures of her Hamptons home? I don’t know if she still has it but she showed it off on MTV Cribs years ago and I have never been able to locate pictures.

  2. I live 45 minutes outside NYC and I know there are a lot of resources there (ABC, all the design buildings, 1st dibs flea markets), but where the hell are all the cool vintage stores that I see on tv in LA. Like the ones that Emily Henderson visits on all her shows and the one you are showing me right now! I need to make a list and take a serious visit to LA, maybe take a UHAUL with me! lol

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