This or That: Fabulous Bathrooms

{Bathroom No. 1: Graphic and Glamorous – How insane is that copper tub? I love the bold, striped wallpaper and pops of purple.}

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on beautiful bathrooms. I recently came across these images and while they are all completely different, they are all pretty darn fabulous. Rather than have me wax poetic about what I love about each one, I’d love to hear from you. Which of these three bathrooms appeals to you the most? What do you love about it?

{Bathroom No. 2: Earthy and Romantic – The curtains over the tub feel so ethereal and the color palette is quite soothing. I’m not sure how I feel about having an audience on the sofa while I bathe, though. Maybe this is a hotel suite. Does anyone know?}

{Bathroom No. 3 Classic Elegance – I want to say this bathroom was designed by Nate Berkus. The classic elements throughout the space will stand the test of time. I love the sink and the shower door.}

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22 thoughts on “This or That: Fabulous Bathrooms

  1. all 3 of them are lovely but #1 for me! that tub & chair are ridiculous (in a good way)! i would have said #2 but i can’t get past audience thing!

  2. love all of them..but the third is more my style..thanks for sharing, paloma..have a lovely day, visit my blog for a tiny glimpse of jaipur and it’s bangles when you have a moment..xx meenal

  3. Love the stripes in #1, but #3 is my favorite. The light wall color and simple window treatments combined with an ornate chandelier keeps traditional clean lines and added element of whimsy. My only complaint about that third image is how gold the metal of that chandelier looks (is it brass?) It clashes a bit with the rest of the room and could be toned down a bit.

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