Pretty in Pink

girls bedroom

I came across this gorgeous little girl’s room on Pinterest (of course!). It was originally posted on Apartment Therapy’s children’s division, Oh Dee Oh. The room belongs to a lucky six year old girl named Ava in New Jersey. Designed by Sissy + Marley, a boutique baby planning and design firm, the room is absolutely beautiful! What struck me most about the space is that with the exception of the twin-size bed and a few of the accessories, many of the pieces are appropriate for any age (including my own). It’s a room that looks completely age appropriate for a six year old, but features items that will stand the test of time and would look equally fabulous in a 26 year old’s room.

girls bedroom ohdeeoh

{The overall look of the room is described as “Bohemian Chic” and was inspired by the fabulous Madeline Weinrib “Brooke” rug.}

girls bedroom2

{I absolutely adore the simple dresser, glamorous Venetian mirrors and the fun Moroccan pouf. I am seriously filing this one away in the “If I ever have a little girl” files.}


For more information on this lovely space and for item sources, check out the original feature on Oh Dee Oh.

15 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Love, love, love this room. I saw a small picture of it in the new Trad home. I would have to find a place for all of my daughters stuff though. She likes to collect things. She has a rock collection, shell collection, stuffed animal collection. You name it and she has a collection.

  2. it is the venetian mirrors..they are a bit of a weekness..thanks for sharing, paloma..have a lovely visit my blog when you have a would be lovely to have your opinion on the direction i am going in with my dining room..xx meenal

  3. Loving those prints above the desk in the first image!!
    I agree, using classic pieces in a child’s room is great so that they can be brought back out (or stay out) in years to come!

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