My Latest Obsession…

I am completely obsessed with Pinterest! My addiction is still fairly new. It’s only been a few weeks since I got hooked, but I find myself wandering over to Pinterest whenever I have a couple of free minutes on the computer. I love that you get to see a visual representation of different people’s style and I like that it keeps me from saving a ton of inspiration photos to my hard drive as I’ve done in the past. I have been able to draw so much inspiration from the most random photos that I’ve found through Pinterest. If you’re a blogger, then you most likely know what it’s like to get into a blogging rut every now and then and this is just the cure that I needed! Are you hooked yet?

{A Few Images I’m Currently Loving:}

{Chevron Painting by Joanna Goss}

{Check out the fab floor! The styling on the bookshelves is spot on for summer.}

{A Glamorous Bathroom Dripping in Marble}

{Gorgeous Flowers and Calligraphy}

{Fashion Inspiration}

{Fierce Accessories- Hello, McQueen Clutch!}

{A Little Somethin’, Somethin’ for My Case of Wanderlust}

{Some Wise Words- We all know that I love a good quote!}


Are you on Pinterest yet? You can follow La Dolce Vita here. Happy Pinning!

13 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession…

  1. Hey Paloma, love to look at the pretty pics on Pinterest, but just don’t have the time to post my own yet. I’m going over to your place because I know it will be great.

  2. beautiful images..pinterest is my current obsession too..joined it over a month back but only recently got active..infact my posts on mondays are pinterest inspired! have a lovely visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

  3. I adore pinterest. It’s become as important a network to me as Facebook and Twitter, partly because of the community, but also because it is just one more outlet for creativity and a way for me to experience things that I might not otherwise come across. It’s so amazing 🙂 I followed you, love your boards so far!

  4. I have been sooo { o b s e s s e d } ! I saw High Gloss posted an image from Russian Vogue on facebook. Me being a russian, I had to check out the source and I have been hooked ever since!!!

    I am dyeing to get an account and submitted a request for one but haven’t heard back anything yet 🙁 Hopefully soon they will send me one!

    Inspiration is overwhelming!

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