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{Ikat Dessert Plates, Wrapping Paper, Melamine Tray and Coffee Mugs by Anna Chandler}

I was recently searching for some new accessories for our kitchen once our current revamp is complete and I came across these beautiful Ikat items by Australian designer, Anna Chandler. Much to my disappointment, though, they are not available in the US. Isn’t it frustrating when you find just the thing you were looking for and for whatever reason, you can’t get it? What do you think? Do you love them as much as I do?

12 thoughts on “Currently Loving…

  1. All this color and pattern is DELISH, I love it all. That always happens to me, when I finally find that perfect item its not available in Canada 🙁

  2. Ikat is such a cheerful design. Check out the new Suzani dinner plate she recently brought out. It’s one of my favs at the moment and a perfect match with the Ikat. 🙂

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