The Antidote for a Hectic Day: C Hotel

Foto 1

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with so much going on lately, so when I saw the new C Hotel designed by one of my favorite designers, Lázaro Rosa Violán, I really gravitated to its simple, clean design. As usual, Violán plays with scale and height and sticks to a more minimal palette than usual. Everything is white, save for a few accent pieces. This beautiful place is the perfectly soothing on a hectic day.


{This is by far my favorite space in the project. I love the white shutters, the bar, white slipcovered furniture and of course, those gorgeous industrial brass pendants.}

Foto 3

{A Great Mix of Textures in the Lobby}

Foto 4

{Another Shot of the Restaurant}


{Images Courtesy of Contemporain Studio}

10 thoughts on “The Antidote for a Hectic Day: C Hotel

  1. White! I’m so addicted to this colour, but no wonder, white spaces are always brilliant. I Just posted an hotel today and guess what, white and beige are kings. Beautiful hotel, beautiful!

  2. Wendy, I am not sure, but I’m guessing it’s in Spain somewhere. The project is still in progress and Lazaro’s website didn’t list the location of the hotel. I wish I knew because I’d love to stay there!

  3. This looks like just the spot… Do you think these renderings were made with 3-D Studio Max? Wondering what designers are using as presentations techniques…

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