Off to L.A.!

I hope your week is off to a great start! I am heading to L.A. today for a week filled with photo shoots and meetings for High Gloss Magazine’s third issue, which will be out in June. The weather is a little cooler than I had hoped, but it should be pretty pleasant. I’ll be honest, it’s fun to travel for High Gloss, but I definitely miss my husband and my pup since I have been gone so frequently lately. Do you travel frequently for work? Did it take you a while to adjust to the pace?


{Image of Kelly Wearstler’s Beverly Hills Home via Material Girls Blog}

10 thoughts on “Off to L.A.!

  1. Enjoy LA! I know being away from your husband must be tough, but so worth it for the fabulous magazine!

    I have traveled frequently for work and visiting loved ones who are far away without my husband recently, and it is hard but makes coming home that much more special!

  2. If you have time come to the Pasadena Antique Center, a wonderful place where alot of dealers on the westside shop. There is a lot great things out here.

  3. Work related travel comes with stress and excitement. Its not much fun than having a loving hubby and an adorable pup at home though its still much a resource for nice experiences. Take care and greet LA for us.

  4. Hopefully it will be as warm as it was last weekend here in Lala land! Paloma, drop me a line. I’d love to have the High Gloss gals out to my house for a shoot sometime. jess at

  5. I love black cabinetry..but love white can cream too. So for the new house…am gointg with a creamy cabinet with antique beams, a huge oversized black center island, french reclaimed antique limestone floors and a black painted butlers pantry…doing a mix to so I am getting to incorporate all that I love. There is no wrong here…as they are all so beautiful and truly timeless in my book!

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