22 thoughts on “High Gloss Magazine: Issue 2 is here!

  1. Paloma,

    I am so happy and blessed that ya’ll featured Colombia in this issue. It is such a beautiful country (I’m from there) and I’ve been visiting Cartagena all my life. What a divine place to be (Wish I could live there!) Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Really inspired! Love, love love the rustic bench vignette on p.60 and the room featured on p.54—so feminine and fresh. This is, by far, my fave issue of any of the recent e-shelter mags. You guys just GOT.IT.RIGHT. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Paloma, on an exceptional second issue! I send some happy tweets your way as I read it this morning. I do wish High Gloss had an online gallery so I could blog my favorite rooms without the pain of taking screenshots!

  4. Paloma~ I just saw the issue and it’s fabulous! I love all the graphics, prints, and most importantly the COLORS.. It’s truly my favorite online magazine.. CLARA

  5. Paloma – This is such a treat…. I’m looking forward to pouring over it in more detail this evening with a glass of wine as a Friday treat! You must be so proud of this! x

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