Fabulous Room(s) Friday 03.11.11

I’ve been going back and forth between my two favorite rooms in the newest issue of Lonny, trying to decide which one to feature as this week’s Fabulous Room. Finally, I figured, why not do both?

Jennifer Bander’s den (pictured above) has so many rich, sumptuous textures. I love the hand painted wallpaper as well as the crushed velvet upholstery on the sofas. The color of the built-ins lends a perfect amount of color to the room without being too loud. I also love that the backs of the shelves are covered with mirrors. They not only help to make the space seem larger, but they add a bit of glamour. I would have liked to see them incorporate a few different types of pillows instead of using so many of one pattern, though.

I am crazy about this amazing dining nook designed by Christina Murphy and Meg Gabriele. The high-gloss black finish on the window frames and bench is so glamorous. The addition of the ikat pillows and the Goodman Hanging Lights from Circa Lighting gives the space a young, eclectic feel. It’s the perfect setting for starting out the day!

So, which of the spaces is your favorite? Why?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


{Image Source: Lonny Magazine}

9 thoughts on “Fabulous Room(s) Friday 03.11.11

  1. the latest issue of lonny has far too much eye candy this time…their best issue till date, in my opinion…i love both the spaces you have featured…wouldn’t want to choose…do stop by my blog sometime…have a great weekend, paloma!! xx meenal

  2. Both stunning, I am really into banquettes lately and imagine all the lively conversations sitting around such a table will invite, but then I look at that den and all those books, those comfy couches…and it just yells out “all kinds of interesting people coming together to talk about even more interesting topics” amidst all those books…so clearly I am highly inspired by both!!

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