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I’m in Los Angeles, where I’ll be speaking at the Design Bloggers Conference today. Being here has me in a “California state of mind”, so I am currently loving what I consider to be one of the most quintessentially chic California looks: Spanish architectural details, white walls, pops of colors, brilliant textiles and a fabulous mix of vintage and antique objects with a little attitude. Kathryn Ireland and Peter Dunham are masters of this style and I definitely think Schuyler Samperton’s beautifully designed rooms fit the category to a tee. Once you take a look at these gorgeous rooms designed by Samperton, I have a feeling you’ll have California on your minds, too.







{Images Courtesy of Schuyler Samperton}

19 thoughts on “Currently Loving…

  1. These photos are superb! It got so many oooohs and aaahs out of me and it is still early in the morning 🙂

    I everything about every single one of these rooms. Thanks for sharing!

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