Everything Old is New Again

Every now and then, I like to browse the real estate listings in Houston for fun. I enjoy looking at different types of houses in various neighborhoods and every now and then, I’ll find a home that is beautifully designed. A lot of times, I also come across homes from the 1950s or 1960s which seem to be unchanged since the owners moved in decades ago. Such is the case for the home this dining room belongs in. The home was built in the 1960s, has a nice floorplan and has been very well maintained. I was initially struck by the gorgeous chioiserie-style mirror hanging in the dining room. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the ikat wallpaper and the beautiful cane back chairs. If you were to take out the blue carpet, replace the chandelier with a more modern one and do a little styling, the room would look completely current. You can see a larger version of the photo in the real estate listing for the home.

Are there any elements of this room that you would keep? It’s funny how everything old is new again, whether we’re talking about mid-century interior design or 1970s-inspired clothes and accessories.

16 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again

  1. Its fun to pick apart rooms like that…first carpet would have to go. Next I would consider painting the table, not sure about white as it would be too start but how about a Chinese red in high gloss or a navy..that would be gorgeous! Last would change the chandelier but keep the bird lamp, mirror, paper and everything else!
    The carpet and chandelier are what really dates this room in my humble opinion:)

  2. I’d keep the mirror – In. A. Heartbeat.
    Your description of this house reminds me of my husband’s grandparents’ in River Oaks. It was a John Staub that they did once, and did very well. Very little changed from the time they built it in the 60s. When they passed away, and the estate was settled, there were many items that we see in “trend alerts” every day.

  3. How wild…I would get a new modern dining table, remove the carpet of course, reupholster chairs in orange velvet and change out the artwork. I don’t mind the chandelier. Fun post! I tend to redesign peoples homes in my head all of the time.

  4. I would love to see high gloss do a feature, even just a one page spread called “design time capsule” or soemthing like that where you feature untouched spaces… You could use my grandma’s house for the first one!

  5. Great post! I would take out the carpet, ditch the art work, upholster the chairs in orange and use the chandelier somewhere else (as I’m loving brass again:). This room would need a different type of light, maybe the Mooi white chandelier.

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