Dream Home: Pink Wallpaper

Today, the lovely and super talented, Shannon Darby of Pink Wallpaper is sharing her beautiful Southern-inspired “Dream Home” with us. I love the warm, timeless look of everything she chose.
pink wallpaper

hummm…so i know that paloma asked us to do our "dream home" and i suppose if i dream, i really just want a house that has lots personality and charm, that works well for my family and two small kiddos.  i’m not really into massive homes w/ lots of rooms.  my dream home would probably be in a "low country style" like the homes around Charleston, SC.  and i’d love a little garage in the back that could work as an office space….

the interior of the house would be warm and welcoming….

let’s flood the kitchen w/ lots of natural light, painted cabinets, and marble countertops and i will be pure heaven.

and we will need a spot for the fam to eat so let’s add a banquette style seating area.

as far as hanging out, i want a comfy space but it needs to have some spunk….

the master seems like a perfect spot for relaxing after a long day of hauling the kiddos around…

but before i fall asleep, i need a nice hot bath, a good magazine, and a glass of wine…

taylor and walker will need a room….

and a bathroom….let’s add a jack and jill.

since i am dreaming, i need a playroom to store all of those toys….

and a fabulous laundry room (can it come w/ someone who does the laundry?!)

lastly, we will need a place to go outside and hang: swimming pool and built in trampoline….yep this should do 🙂

and that my friends, is my idea of a dream home….thanks for letting me play paloma!

28 thoughts on “Dream Home: Pink Wallpaper

  1. You’ve got a beautiful dream home Shanon..the best part is that even though parts have been taken from different homes..they all form such a cohesive whole..all the elements do seem to belong together…perfect harmony!! thanks for sharing, Paloma!!

  2. Ditto on the dream house. Every part of it. You did an awesome selection.
    By the way, did you ever see the before on the first house shot? Wow, it was a transformation in a biblical way.

    mb from Dallas

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