Fabulous Room Friday 02.18.11


I love all of the spaces featured in the first issue of High Gloss, but Tia Zoldan’s home holds a special place in my heart. Hers was the first photo shoot ever for High Gloss and I remember feeling so blessed that day to be shooting such an amazing space belonging to the sweetest, most gracious designer along with the most incredible, patient and kind photographer, Grey Crawford. My dear friend, Jeni of The Proper Poppy, was there with me throughout the entire day creating beautiful flower designs, providing friendly support on High Gloss’ big day, and helping with styling.


Working on this shoot made me fall in love with styling and it made me realize that my love of ethnic textiles is very much alive and isn’t going anywhere soon! Tia’s home is filled with the most amazing fabrics, rugs, and vintage textiles. The gorgeous suzanis used on her patio created the perfect complement to a veritable oasis. The overall look of this space is lush, vibrant and very alluring.


{Image Credit: Grey Crawford for High Gloss Magazine}

20 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 02.18.11

  1. Oh my goodness! Beyond love this! We are having some nice weather here in ATL and this made me want to redo my patio. It kind of reminds me of a Moroccan rooftop that was featured in Elle Decor not that long ago…love the colors the whole thing is happiness. Great eye Paloma! thanks xo

  2. Tia’s home was my favorite! I go back and look at the photos almost every day. I have been searching and searching to see if I can find the fabric she used on her living room chair, anyone know?

  3. When you look at such gorgeous settings you realise how important a stylist’s role is in a photoshoot…the patio is fabulous indeed…and the suzani textiles add just the right amount of exotic touch to it…love the brass/silver platter on the table…got a similar one myself!! congratulations once again on your amazing magazine!!

  4. ohh this is so gorgeous…. secluded backyard, overgrown yet clean, cozy and enclosed like a fabulous modern cave, patterns and colors galore, heated pool, friends and drinks.

    This is fabulous. Just the kind of day/night I need very soon.


  5. I truly love this fabulous room. To be there is to be transferred to an exotic destination of color, pattern and lushness. I especially love the umbrella in the second picture although it’s partly cut off.

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