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I have often asked myself why we, as Americans have generally let style fall by the wayside in our day to day lives. I usually ask myself this question while watching Mad Men or traveling within Europe. I’m not saying that all Americans lack style nor am I saying that I am the epitome of it…far from it. However, I do wish that our culture would go back to days when people actually dressed for dinner, church, and other events. This Chrysler commercial hit the nail on the head.

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  1. I needed to hear this today. All of this snowed in weather has made me a slave to sweats and no makeup. Not today, thanks to your wake up call.
    And I hear what you say about dressing for occasions and things like church.
    I believe the word you your looking for is lazy!

  2. When I first saw this during the superbowl, I loved it because it featured Detroit. I am from Michigan and have always known that Detroit is a beautiful city and has so much potential. The second, third, fourth etc times I watched it, I had the same thought as you. Why do we feel it is okay to go out in our pajama’s, sweats etc? We need to bring luxury back!

  3. I think it’ s a pride thing. Having lived in Italy for many years, the Italians would no think of leaving the house in sweats unless they actually were going to work out. They really care about how them present themselves to the outside. Easy for them to do so as most are not paying mortgages, (homes are passed down or given as wedding gifts) or they live at home rent free till they are married!

  4. I totally agree, Paloma! Who says you can’t get all dressed up to go to work or even to the grocery store? I have found even in the professional field, people have gone the way of casual. Kinda makes me sad. This is something I am trying to implement in my own life but I must confess to a few slip-ups and laziness in the last few weeks!

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