La Dolce Vita + High Gloss + Gilt Home

So many wonderful things have happened over the past few years as a result of my blog and more recently as a result of the digital magazine I founded, High Gloss. One of the most exciting things to date has been a partnership with Gilt Home! Today at 12:30 pm Central Standard Time, Gilt will be conducting a Q&A session with me on their Facebook page. Be sure to check it out! I will be answering all of your questions about La Dolce Vita and High Gloss. And if that weren’t enough, I’ve been asked to curate a sale on Gilt Home that will coincide with the launch of High Gloss on February 1st! Somebody pinch me!

18 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita + High Gloss + Gilt Home

  1. SO awesome. Like a dream come true. Whenever I spend 2 hours writing a post I think is going to be awesome and then it gets 2 comments I have to remind myself that blogging really changed my life.

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